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Welcome to B.U.O.Y. Mentoring!

Here at the Hope Center we see the need in Union County for adults to be pouring into our students. Many of our students are desperately searching for somewhere to belong, someone to care for them, and someone to lead them. At the Hope Center, we believe that mentors can be one part of the solution to this problem. At the Hope Center, we believe in Building Up Our Youth!

Get Involved!

Sponsor a Mentor

Not everyone has the ability to invest their time into a mentor/mentee relationship; not for a lack of desire to be a mentor, but sometimes physical health, careers and families need hinder an individuals ability to be a mentor. We understand this. If getting involved or supporting the BUOY Program outside of a mentor/mentee relationship is something you're interested in, click the link below. 

Become a Mentor

If you're interested in learning more about becoming a mentor or applying to become a mentor, click the link below to contact our BUOY Program Director. 

Become a Mentee

If you're interested in more information, or enrolling your student (ages 12 to 17) in the BUOY mentoring program, please click the link below to fill out our online intake form or contact our BUOY Program Director. 

The Mission

The mission of the B.U.O.Y. mentoring program is to create unique opportunities where students struggling with the challenges of everyday life can feel the love and attention from a caring adult mentor who will point them towards a Savior who loves them unconditionally. The Hope Center exists to grow and cultivate COMMUNITY; no one can do it alone, that is why we look out for each other….that’s the essence behind the B.U.O.Y program. We want our students to be able to live as God created them to live, in community and as who they were made to be; B.U.O.Y mentoring is all about building intentional, authentic, and steadfast relationships between a mentor and a student as we strive to inspire students to dream of a more hopeful future.

The Vision

The vision of the B.U.O.Y program is that not one student would slip through the cracks, that not one student would coast through school just going through the motions, that not one student would be unseen, unheard, unknown, unloved, without belonging or without Jesus. Much the same as The Garden, we envision a future where suicide isn’t an option for students because they are seen, they are heard, they are known, they are loved, they’ve found belonging, and they are experiencing the fullness of life through relationship with Jesus Christ. We are seeking to inspire hope and share the Gospel with students by helping them build an intentional, authentic, steadfast, and loving relationship with a mentor, and by partnering with the family. 



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