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How you can help.

The Hope Center is not just another social services program in the Community. We bring together several entities to provide for those in need in our community. No one can do it alone, that is why we look out for each other, which is what Community is all about.


There are several ways you can help the Hope Center Community: through volunteering, giving financial support or donating items for any of our Compassion Mission Programs including the Next Generation programs for our youth. 


We are Grateful for our Community:

Financial Partners

As a financial partner to the Hope Center your contributions will give hope to the hopeless in our community and help us fulfill our mission of building hope one unique life at a time. We are all just one paycheck or situation away from feeling hopeless, many of us have already felt that way and know they want to make sure no one else has that experience.  


Become a volunteer, whatever your god given gift is, we can use it. Volunteering creates a community of like minded people to volunteer with and share experiences. Vibrant community relationships, come to life through our many Hope Center volunteers that drive all our good work. Young people, professionals, retirees and families all contribute, amounting to more than 15,000 volunteer hours annually.  

Those that Give/Donate Items

Many give/donate items to help with one of our Compassion Ministry Programs. This is something we cannot do without and are truly grateful for.   

Below is a list of our Compassion Mission Programs and you can scroll over it to see ways you can help. We encourage you as you are looking at the list, to reach out to us with any ideas you have about a way you can help one of the many Compassion Mission Programs that is not listed.  We cannot wait to hear it, please know there is a reason you connected with the Hope Center.  So fill out the Join the Community form and connect with us as we work in God's eye to make our community stronger, allowing everyone to fulfill God's purpose for their lives. 



The Hope Center

123 N. Court St. 

Marysville, OH 43040 


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