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Hope Center Updates

Update 8-8-2022

Good afternoon to all!

We've had so many requests for updates on The Hope Center and its moves, we wanted to make sure that we got as much information out to you as possible.

For right now, our offices are still at The Vine Church. Thank you for so graciously letting us use your space! I'm there, along with Lorie, Bonnie (our bookkeeper), receptionists and EAP. We are doing all of our EAP appts. at this location. We also have a limited amount of Personal Needs, and they are being given out on an as needed basis. Our legal appointments will be held here too.

Our non-perishable food items can be donated at this location. (309 S. Oak St.) There is a green bin that sits out back of the church for this purpose from 9:00 – 4:00.

Since we are still doing our dinners out of the Trinity Lutheran Church, thanks so much to them as well, all perishable food items will either be delivered there, or if discussed prior to the donation, possibly at East Elementary as we are still using the walk in freezer and cooler there. (thank you to the schools for allowing this) We will be moving out of Trinity when school starts back up, so be looking for our update when we secure the location we are going to be using until we can get our kitchen up and running at the fairgrounds. This will be in the building directly behind the grandstands.

Now that the fair is over, we will be taking clothing donations at the fairgrounds, in the shed behind the Armory. (The Armory is the cinderblock building that is across the street from Rural King on Rt. 4)

We are still not taking any furniture, household goods, etc. until we get the Furniture Bank up and running again. Right now it would all just have to go to storage. It would be awesome if you could just hold it for now and then bring it in when we do open this ministry back up.

We are working very hard to get these ministries opened back up to serve our community as we have up to this point, it's just going to take a little time to do so. We would love to have them in place as early as next week. Please pray that this can happen!

Once our office space is ready to occupy at 123 N. Court St., we will be moving there. This will house our office space needed. Agape will be leasing space from the Hope Center for offices there as well, Just as they did at East Elementary which has been a blessing for the Hope Center.

We also have crews working on getting the buildings at the fairgrounds ready for occupancy. We are running into some snags due to zoning, but hopefully we can work through that so that our neighbors, friends, and family do not have to go without our services because of red tape.

That’s it for now, any questions, please let us know at 937-303-4209.


Be Blessed


Becky Bolt

Executive Director/CEO

MAMA Secretary


The Hope Center

123 N. Court St.

Marysville, OH   43040

937-303-4209 ex. 703

Update 6-22-2022

Lit Candles


A spectrum of agencies and ministries for a spectrum of needs
The eyes of all, look to you in Hope.
Psalm 145:15 NLT

Beginning June 27 we will be serving our community at The Vine Church, located at 309 S. Oak Street, Marysville Ohio. Emergency furniture, clothing, and personal needs will be served by the Emergency Assistance Program. Please call for an appointment. 

Hope Center Operating Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Thursday 9:00am-6:00pm 

Community Kitchen 
Monday-Friday 4:30-6:00pm 
Carry Out Meals Only 

Hope Legal Clinic 
1st Tuesday of every month By EAP Appointment Only 

Mobile Markets 
1st Wed. of Month 11am-1pm 
30 Magnetic Street, Magnetic Springs 

4th Friday of Month 
Trinity Chapel 11am-1pm 
77 W. Center St., Milford Center 

Emergency Assistance Program

Office Hours 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 

Thursday 9:00am-6pm 


Please call 937-303-4209 to schedule an EAP appointment. Walk in appointments available during office hours.


Please enter from the rear of the church. 


Parking available. 

Donation Information

FOOD DONATIONS can be dropped off at the rear of The Vine Church located at 309 S Oak Street beginning June 27.

CLOTHING DONATIONS can be dropped off at the Union County Fairgrounds beginning July 1. The donation shed will be located behind the Armory Building 
(Route 4 entrance to fairgrounds)

Hope Center Contact Information 
{937} 303-4209

Comments and Suggestions

This is a fluid situation and we want to rectify the situation as soon as possible, if you would like to share your thoughts please fill out the form below.  

Thanks for caring!

4-7-2022 Update

Hello Friends!


As you all know, the Hope Center will be moving from our current  location in the East Elementary school to other temporary space until we can find/build our permanent home.  We are to be out by July 1.  Our goal is to once again have a one stop shop facility to continue to serve our community once we are settled.


To get to that point, we’ve had to find separate space for our ministries, offices, and storage (which we do not have in full yet).  We are also looking for a kitchen to use so that we do not have any breaks in our service to those in need.


I know this is a lot, believe me, we know!  We are scrambling each and every day to try to make this happen, and know that it wouldn’t without God’s blessings on us.


A God story for you is that when the dental office building (behind First Presbyterian Church) went up for sale, someone came in to talk to us about purchasing the property.  She then made a call to Susie Strauss (the owner) to see if she would be willing to work with us on obtaining the space.  Low and behold Susie was very happy about selling to us and offered us a very good deal so that we could purchase the property.  In doing so she asked if we would carry on the legacy of her husband Dr. Strauss and their daughter Victoria by naming the property something that would remind everyone of these two special people.  It was determined that we would name it The Jerry and Victoria Strauss Center of Hope.  What a wonderful way to be able to carry on the name!!!!!  We were truly blessed when our paths crossed.


We will be moving our offices and EAP into this space temporarily, but will make it a Center of Hope transition home once we move to our permanent spot.


I’m writing to you now to let you know that we still have plenty of needs during this time.  


We have three full ministries that we are not sure where they are going to land.  And still not sure how we are going to continue feeding our clients.


Space to use is greatly needed (if you know of any space please let us know), and also funds to continue our ministries and keep delivering God’s blessings to our community.


WE NEED YOU!!!  We cannot do this alone.  I know that God will lay it upon your hearts in whatever way you are supposed to help us in these times of upheaval.  Please know that every bit you give, God will give back tenfold.  Help us to help our neighbors, family, friends, and community.


To give, go to our website  and then share with others so they have the opportunity to give as well.



Thanks for all of your support!


 Be Blessed.


Becky Bolt

Executive Director/CEO

MAMA Secretary


The Hope Center

212 Chestnut Street

Marysville, OH   43040

937-303-4209 ex. 703


The Hope Center is Moving

Life is full of changes and we are going through a big one right now, but this will lead to bigger and better things. But to alleviate any fears we want to start by emphasizing The Hope Center is not leaving the community. 

On December 9, 2021 the Maryville Exempted Village School District Board of Education announced its plans to use the Chestnut Street building, which the Hope Center is housed in, for district use. The Hope Center has leased the building from MEVSD for the last 10 years.  We find ourselves in a position that we will most likely be looking for another location for our services.


It has come to our attention that there is a concern in the community that The Hope Center will be going away due to the recent discussions.  This is not going to happen.  We may be moving, but not ceasing our community involvement and services. Yes, we would have planned for a year or more to do a proper facility campaign to raise money for the move in a perfect world,  but we know and trust that God has a solution for our community to be taken care of.

In an effort to be transparent about this situation we want to let the community know the facts as we know them at this time.

  • We were originally given till March to find other accommodations, but the board of education extended that till July.

  • We are in talks right now with members of our community, and the schools on a solution for the location of the Hope Center that can be a win/win for all. 

  • The Hope Center became the reality of a dream in December of 2011. The original vision still holds true today and that is to see the needs of every person met in our community: physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. We knew this was only possible by working together through the Body of Christ.

  • About 25 pastors took out the lease to help the Hope Center become a reality. We don’t know if any of us realized at the time how extra-ordinary this was and how incredible our community is. This has been the reality for the past 10 years and we know that God is not done yet.

  • The school district has been a great partner in helping the Hope Center impact our community in such a powerful way by leasing us this building. We could not have done this without their help.


We will know more after the next school board meeting in January. Options for the Hope Center might be leasing another building, purchase a building or the plans change and we stay in the current building.


Join us in prayer for a solution for the schools, the Hope Center, and the families in our community.


We invite you to contribute monetary donations to help with whatever the situation may be to find a new location for the Hope Center. It may be improvements to a current location, buying a new facility to call home or something in between. But we were not counting on making this change in 2022. So we are looking to the community for help. Anyone with a location suggestion for a new home for The Hope Center, please contact us at Please enter any thoughts or comments or cheers to help us get through this on our FACEBOOK page or in the form below. 



The Hope Center

123 N. Court St. 

Marysville, OH 43040 


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