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The Hope Center

123 N. Court Street 

Marysville, OH 43040 


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Hope Center Facility/Maintenance Coordinator
Full-time, Salaried


We are looking for a facilities/maintenance person to help us meet our daily needs. Someone that can jump right in and already has the experience and skill sets to be able to do so.

Please see job description below.

Give us a call at 937-303-4209 and ask for Gene, for any questions you might have.

Hope Center Facility/Maintenance Coordinator Ministry/Job Description

TITLE: Facility/Maintenance Coordinator

DEPARTMENT: Operations

REPORTS TO: Director of Operations

STATUS OF POSITION: Full time Salaried

Description of Responsibilities


The Coordinator is responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core business of an organization. They ensure that an organization has the most suitable working environment for its employees and their activities. Duties vary with the nature of the organization, but the Coordinator will generally focus on using best business practice to improve efficiency, by reducing operating costs while increasing productivity.



This is a full-time salaried position (Rate determined per Hope Center Policy and will be determined based on qualifications, experience and skill sets) with PTO determined according to Hope Center policy. Currently, the position requires a minimum of 40 hours per week.



The Coordinator will work with the Director of Operations to plan and execute all facility management duties of the Hope Center. In addition, the coordinator supports all operational functions for the facility and will provide physical maintenance services needed by the tenants and programs housed in the Hope Center, either personally or through a system of community service workers, volunteers or a part-time janitor if feasible under the Hope Center budget.

Building and grounds maintenance, Includes Interior and exterior maintenance, landscaping, mowing, and snow removal



Space Management

Project Management

Supervise and work alongside teams of volunteers, community service workers, part-time employees, West Central and mission teams. The goal is to build relationship and mentor those that serve at the Hope Center



Attends trainings

Manage the security system, safety and security team, monitor building access and key management.

Managing and leading change, to ensure minimum disruption to core activities

Directing and planning essential central services such as maintenance, cleaning, waste disposal and recycling

Performing essential building maintenance services either personally or through a system of community service workers, volunteers or a part-time janitor if feasible under the Hope Center budget

Monitor the building schedule to plan for project management, cleaning and maintenance, to ensure the rooms are ready as needed and for minimal building and operational impact.

Ensuring the building meets health and safety requirements

Responsible for property and grounds management, including landscaping, mowing, and snow removal

Work with the CEO and team of directors for the planning of the best allocation and utilization of space for current facilities

Procuring resources for new buildings

Checking that staff or contractors have completed contracts and work orders satisfactorily. This includes following up with any deficiencies.

Coordinating and leading team(s) to cover various areas of responsibility including locating and managing volunteers or community service workers to assist with duties or managing a part-time janitor if feasible under the Hope Center budget

Using performance management techniques to monitor, demonstrate achievement of agreed service levels and to lead to improvement

Responding appropriately to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise and generally be able and willing to resolve tenant or building issues on a timely basis

IT liaison with our tech partners

Willing to recruit others

Additional responsibilities may be assigned at the discretion of the Director of Operations


Based upon each individual’s abilities, there are many aspects of this job that require moderate to intense physical labor.

There are physical aspects to the position that may require lifting up to 80 lbs.



The Hope Center Facilities/Maintenance Coordinator will work to create a leadership and team environment with all directors in all ministries including but not limited to the supervision of the volunteers, community service, West Central, etc. The Facilities/Maintenance Coordinator must be a team player while working with other church, ministry and other agency leaders throughout Union County.


Our vision is that everyone who lives in the Hope Center community experiences God’s best plan for their lives.



Recognize the reality that people rarely think about the building unless something goes wrong. It’s the Facilities/Maintenance Coordinator’s job to do that, plan to avoid and anticipate as many issues as possible and effectively and efficiently handle the ones that come up.



This position faces new challenges each day as changes arise. You must be able to quickly switch gears if needed to handle any and all issues that might come before you in any given day. The Coordinator must be available to assist daytime, evenings, weekends and around or on the holidays as needed.



As the Facilities/Maintenance Coordinator, you will meet and talk with people each day that need spiritual mentoring, prayer, a listening ear, etc. and you need to be willing and able to give this to anyone where needed. This is a very integral part of our “Family” here at the Hope Center.



The Coordinator must have a deep intimate relationship with Jesus Christ because it will only be by the strength of the Holy Spirit that he or she will be able to survive, let alone thrive in his or her ministry. The Coordinator must be able to spiritually feed his or her self on the meat and milk of God’s Word. The Coordinator must be active in a church body, and submitting his or her self to leaders in their life.



Proficient in Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Publisher, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

High school graduate or GED equivalent

College degree or equivalent experience preferred

Willing to sign confidentiality statement and statement of faith

Willing to consent to a criminal background check upon acceptance of position

Be at least 21 years of age

Proficient in social media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)

Must be an ace of all trades and be competent in and able to perform general repairs, maintenance work, troubleshooting and building renovations

Willing to sign the Oath of Compassion Ministries to do no harm

Must display diplomacy, maintain good relationships with building tenants and use best efforts to meet tenants’ reasonable building needs

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