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Welcome to the Garden!

After school program located in Central Union County serving the junior high through senior high students of Union County with a primary focus on the students of the Marysville Exempted Village School District. The Garden is our primary after school program and home base of operations for all things NextGen, but we will have satellite programs/locations in Richwood and Milford Center.

Get Involved!


If you're interested in learning more about volunteering at The Garden or serving on a regular basis in some capacity, please click the link below to contact our Garden Student Center Director.


Not everyone has the ability to invest their time into serving at The Garden Student Center; not for a lack of desire to be a volunteer, but sometimes physical health, careers and families need hinder an individuals ability to serve at The Garden. We understand this. If getting involved or supporting The Garden outside of a traditional volunteer role is something you're interested in, click the link below. 


If you're interested in more information, or attending the Garden (grades 7th through 12th grade), please contact our Garden Program Director at the link below. 

The Garden is currently meeting at Cornerstone Church, Monday through Thursday from 3:15PM to 5:30PM

The Mission

The mission of The Garden is to provide a safe, fun, and welcoming environment for the students of Union County to spend their time in their free time. At its core, The Garden is an after school program, but we at NextGen want it to be so much more than just “latch-key for older kids.” The Garden was designed to provide a place where every student is welcome, despite differences, beliefs, and identity, to find community, belonging, and purpose through the redemptive love of Jesus Christ. At The Garden all are welcome for whatever they need, whether that’s somewhere to do homework, train for athletics, hangout with friends, take a nap, read a book, play some video games, or just get away from the messiness of the real world. We want every student to BE SEEN, BE HEARD, BE KNOWN, BE LOVED, FIND BELONGING, and, most importantly, EXPERIENCE LIFE AND RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST. By welcoming students in, we engage with students, gain their trust, and enter into a relationship with them, providing support, encouragement, safety, wisdom, and the Gospel message. As we pour into students, our aim is to grow and cultivate them as current and future leaders in our community and help them develop a COMMUNITY of their own.

The Vision

The vision of The Garden is that not one student would slip through the cracks, that not one student would coast through school just going through the motions, that not one student would be unseen, unheard, unknown, unloved, without belonging or without Jesus. We envision a future where suicide isn’t an option for students because they are seen, they are heard, they are known, they are loved, they’ve found belonging, and they are experiencing the fullness of life through relationship with Jesus Christ. In today's culture we are seeing a hunger for Jesus erupting within the next generation, as well as the greatest number of student suicide, drug use, mental health struggles, and criminal activities in recent years. We believe that the revival breaking out amongst the next generation has the potential to eliminate the problems ravaging our country. Our vision is a Union County where no student graduates high school without having heard the name of Jesus or experienced the sacrificial love that He calls us to exhibit. Changing the world doesn’t start with world peace, disarmament, solving hunger, or eliminating poverty; changing the world begins with the next generation, one changed life, one relationship, at a time. 



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