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One of the commitments of the Hope Center is to provide outlets and support for the students of the greater Union County area to live the dream of a hopeful life. We attempt to provide these outlets through events throughout the year, after school programming, summer programming and forming effective relationships. We aren’t here to push out existing ministries or programs, but to provide support and opportunities for collaboration across the greater Union County area.

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  1. Expose students to the redemptive and life giving love of Jesus Christ; leading them to begin their own, personal relationship with their Savior. 

  2. Empower and encourage students to dream big and live a hopeful life.

  3. Build authentic, intentional, and meaningful life long relationships with students and between students. Grow and cultivate a COMMUNITY of students who care for one another, care for their community, and are passionately pursuing Christ. 

  4. Equip students to change the world. They are the future of our community, the Church, our country, and the world, but they are also the present; our students don’t need to wait to change the world, they can do it right now. We are equipping them for the future, but also to change the world today. 

  5. We want every student to BE SEEN, BE HEARD, BE KNOWN, BE LOVED, AND BELONG. Our goal is to create a place where everyone is welcome and to let every single student know that they are loved by us and by Jesus Christ.

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The Hope Center

123 N. Court St. 

Marysville, OH 43040 


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