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Conflict Resolution Policy

The standard behavior at The Hope Center is that all staff and volunteers scrupulously avoid conflicts of any kind between individuals. However, there are going to be occasions that will end in conflict and need an avenue toward resolution. 

We want to be Biblical in our approach to resolve any and all conflicts that should arise. 

One of the purposes of this policy is to give individuals that might not find resolution on their own, a path to take to get their needs met/heard. 

1.    First step is to talk to the individual you are having an issue with. Matthew 18:15

2.    If you do not find satisfaction or feel that you are not being heard, the second step is to go to Admin/HR to discuss options with you, and to help you in your approach to whomever it might be that the. concern is about. Then proceed to meet with the original person together to discuss. Matthew 18:16

3.    If the conflict is not resolved at this point, then it will need to be brought before the Director's at their next meeting for determination. Matthew 18:17

This policy is to also ensure we maintain the integrity of The Hope Center's decision-making process, enable our constituencies to have confidence in our integrity, and to protect the integrity and reputations of volunteers and staff. 

I understand that this policy is meant to supplement good judgment, and I will respect its spirit as well as its wording. 

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